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+++OUT SOON+++

+++CTR22 Transit Mum/Mother "Tarde, Sed Certe"
+++CTR85 Diamond Hymen cassette
+++CTR88 Pro Bro Gold DVD


===CTR39 VCRi "Crisp As Vegas" CDR
===CTR40 Best Of F.A.D. DVD
===CTR41 The Fas'ners "Boxing For Charity" discographyCD
===CTR49 The Gulf "Penninsular" lathe
other shit

Shirts *click for pix*
Shirts are $7ppd in the US (available in Small | Medium | Large | sometimes X-large)

CTRs01 S.L.D. =boy at desk logo >>>one ink, any shirt
CTRs02 The Chickadees =logo >>>green ink on yellow shirt only
CTRs03 Transit Mum =woman and death >>>two inks, any shirt
CTRs04 VEKh =birds and dots >>>two inks, any shirt
CTRs06 Salute the Curse =bird,hands,TV >>>three inks, any shirt
CTRs10 Hepatitis Youth "Just Say 'NO' To No Wave" face logo on front with slogan printed on back>>>mixed colors only,any shirt
CTRs13 E.N. logo (stencil) >>>one spray color, any shirt
CTRs14 YUKhONIC "supremes?" >>>blue and black ink, any shirt
CTRs15 TRAFFICPATTERN =crazy face>>>3-colors any shirt
CTRs16 Then and Than =bird shadows>>>black and green ink on white shirt
CTRs17 Sixteen Bitch Pile Up =queen of spades on front, big eyes on back>>>white ink on black shirt only
CTRs18 Odem Press =transparent guy on front, "Shave Your Head Off"-head on back>>>mixed purple-ish ink on light shirt
CTRs22 Haves&Thirds =hooded silhouette on front, "Don't Fear The Hood" on back>>>2-3 ink plus glow, any shirt
CTRs23 Mindless Attack =zombie guy>>>>black and blue ink on light shirt
CTRs27 "Sensitive Male" Spring Tour =joe zito on front, dates and places on back>>>blk and grn ink on blue shirt
ALL shirts except where noted are silkscreened. You can request ink and shirt colors if it is optioned.

Destro'bution Area
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Haves&Thirds "Now They Know That We Know..." cassette $5 [Ted Records]
Haves&Thirds "It's Mostly Guesswork/It'll Clean You Out..." 12" $12 [Hot Releases]
Honey Heads "Candy Crosses" cassette $4 [Black And Red]
Various(haves&thirds,rockband,godwilling,oubilette,byronhouse,lazymagnet,aurolac,etc.) cassette "Alive" $4 [Obelisk Sounds]
T-Func / Haves&Thirds "Crabs, Charisma" splitcassette $5 [Kinky Noise / Ted Records]
Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn "Potentials" CD $3 [West Palm Beotch]
New Flesh "Dog b/w Memory Scrap" 7" $5 [Terra Firma]
What's Yr Damage? "No Thanks" CDR $3 [West Palm Beotch]
Then And Than / Turmoiled Functions "Hairy BackPack" splitcassette $4 [Ted Records]
Haves&Thirds "You Told Me You Were Combing Your Hair" CDR $3 [Kinky Noise]
What's Yr Damage? / Puke Attack split miniCDR $3 [black lakes]
Rose 4 Bohdan "Decoration Monster" dblCD $5 [Cephia's, Deathbomb, NGWTT, BBPTC]
Then And Than "is shame shameful? restroom solitude" cassette $3 [Kinky Noise]
OVA! / Happy Mother's Day, I Can't Read "The Number On My Forehead Is Gone" splitCD $5 [Freedom-From]
Various(yukhonic,newflesh,wyd?,dead/bird,etc. "Pleasant Goblet Vol.1" cassette $3 [Human Conduct]
Byron House w/ Omar Lopez "444 ha ha" cassette $3 [Kinky Noise]
Byron House "Reptile Section" CDR $3 [Kinky Noise]
Hepatitis Youth "Hex Is A Curse" CDR $3 [Kinky Noise]
the j.f.k.'S "Documenting The Effects of Chair Syndrome" CDR $3 [Kinky Noise]
the j.f.k.'S "Skeleton Fox Scientists" cassette $3 [Kinky Noise]
Russian Tsarcasm "Photography Is For Assholes" cassette $3 [Kinky Noise]
Russian Tsarcasm "Underagged And Overdubbed" cassette $3 [Kinky Noise]
Russian Tsarcasm "Stop The Static" cassette $3 [Kinky Noise]
Ruth's World "Garbage Dust" cassette $3 [Kinky Noise]
Turmoiled Functions "Left Handed Genius, Right Handed Fool" cassette $3 [Kinky Noise]
V.C.R.s For Hitler "We Don't Talk Anymore" cassette $3 [Kinky Noise]
Can't "Vs. The World" CD $5 [irfp]
Various(hepatitisyouth,mammal,tomroe,mattmikas,etc.) "Radio Action 2" CDR $4 [free103]
God Baby "Number One Volume" CDR $3 [Evol Egg Nart]
Ashcroft s/t 7" $5 [Freedom-From]
No Doctors s/t CD $5 [Freedom-From]
Cock E.S.P. "Menasha Red Lights District" CDR $4 [Breathmint]
Versailles 'Elder / Karl' 7" $2 [Plaster Of Paris]
Versailles "Folly" LP $5 [Gin and Catonic]

All prices are post paid in the U.S.
* Canada and * Mexico add $1.00 per item
* Everywhere else please email us first for a shipping quote.

We except checks or money orders made out to Todd Lynne or well conceled cash sent to:

Cephia's Treat Recordings
3416 West Lemon Street
Tampa, FL 33609-1400

Add $1 for order increments of $7. (ie. $7+ order add $1, $14+ order add $2, $21+ order add $3, etc.)
International orders are still requested to email first so we can add a postage quote and give you a total.