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Lots of changes in this town lately. Don't give up on it yet though, there are still some creepers still creepin'. Be prepared for a return to mystery within the highly anticipated death throes of Facebook.
After this wave of releases throws you from your boat, keep your eyes on the horizon for a few liferafts::::
Sword Heaven DVD.
Transit Mum/Mother.
new Byron House.
old E.N.
the T-Func story continues
2013 had its ups and downs but at least we can say it was productive. Tours went well, some great releases seeped from the city, and a couple of "new-ish" venues picked up steam to tow the line.
Some of the shiny satellites floating around in the Tampa vacuum. Seek these out::::
EPOXY presents Tampa's art and music without the paperwork.
The Unit keeping the warehouse spirit alive.
PBS shot (but declined) documentary
Scott Fuxan...just seek the guy out.
Used to be the best band in Tampa>>> Medispa
Rumor has it that T-Func will embark on an extensive tour this spring. Daughters, lock up your fathers. Expect celebratory-type merch to be available.
Now available in the 'CATALOG'::::
Haves&Thirds 12" on Hot Releases.
Sweet, Sweet Death *movie/soundtrack* DVDR/CDR set.
i_like_dog_face "Twisting Signals Of Light" tape
Haves&Thirds CDR "You'll Put It Out Now Mister!"
unearthed copies of Byron House "Boys Will Be 'Boys" 7"

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