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1. Transmit Light (from Twisting Signals Of Light)
2. Wetlands *collab w/ SWAMP HAG (from House Of Hounds And Hares)

1. Flight (from House Of Hounds And Hares)

1. T Func Radio (segment) (from Purge Once More)

Plus Whatever
1. Purge Drama (segment) (from Purge Once More)

Haves & Thirds
1. Noises With Attitude (from Believe What You Want But Don't Believe It Here)
2. Wanda Digs The Wonder (from Farewell And Adieu... on IJustLiveHere)
3. X's, O's, And A Couple Of J's (from Now I Know Why Tigers... on West Palm Beotch)
4. Boonie Rat Chat (live 2010)
5. Make The Stand (from It's Mostly Guesswork on Hot Releases)
6. So Many Bastages (from You'll Put It Out Now Mister! on Ted Records)
7. Begone, Bygone (from Print Is Dead on Ted Records)

Mindless Attack
1. Buyers Are Liars (from demo tape)
2. Consumer Induced Poverty (from s/t 7")

Transit Mum
1. Embers Under Eaves (from Almost Invisible)
2. Pity To You (2002)
3. Do It Forever (2000)

Hepatitis Youth
1. See You In 10 Years (Yeoman's Road,FL)
2. Cancer Free Cola Catastrophe (Will's Pub,FL)
3. Newton's Big Idea (Unitarian Church,PA)
4. South Of The Hepatitis Youth (South Of The Border)

01. Cave/Cavern (from You Will be Outdated Soon)
02. PT-1 (from You Can Be Replaced and You Will Be Outdated Soon)
03. Half Right/Half Wrong/Half Finished (from You Will Be Outdated Soon)
04. The Heart Is Just An Organ (from upcoming 7")
05. Carrpullltunnell (from upcoming 7")
06. White Rice (segment) (from In The Order & Out)
07. Solar Furnace (from You Can Be Replaced and You Will Be Outdated Soon)
08. Mare (excerpt) (from Monitor From...)
09. A Spooky Day (from They Gave You A Name?)
10. S.O.N.A.R. Has Its Day (from You Can Be Replaced)

Byron House
1. Miles of broken stuff (from Boys Will Be "Boys")
2. Let's order a pizza (from Age Until You Evolve)
3. Decimal space dot (from Poisonous Puberty on Kinky Noise)
4. Track 3 (from Reptile Section on Kinky Noise)
5. Maternal Test (from Slight Of Hands)
6. Get Out, Old Guy (from Barbara's Chain)
7. Trapped In A Pit (live 2005)

The Oals
1. Share (live 2004)
2. Treating your body right (from Role Playing Lives on Cheapo_Records)
3. Try Hard (live 2007)

1. Shorter Than Longer (from CTR01)
2. yukhon (1998)
3. Jabs Like Knives (live 1998)

1. No More Songs (from Available Soon)
2. Ear of the Storm (live)
3. When All Else Fails (from Hand To Head)
4. Self Instruct (unreleased)
5. Electric Skin (from Arktico)

1. Zero Aquatic (from Cheapo Comp. #1)

Then and Than
1. Animated Lives (from Make Believe Make Believer)
2. White Washed Tombs (from Hairy BackPack split tape on Ted Records)
3. Sit Back Offer (from Make Believe Make Believer)

Honey Heads
1. Candy Crosses (from Candy Crosses)

The New Flesh
1. Eyes (from Chosen Gem / Safe Skin)

1. Childern Of The Ooze (from Chosen Gem / Safe Skin)

Body Rot
1. A Girl's Limits (from Sister Syringe)

Ant Parade
1. Despite Everything I Know (Bloodfest/2009)
2. Ax Of God (from Love Machine)

Father Finger
1. Separation Anxiety (from Separation Anxiety)

Moon Dust +
1. Effortless Expanse Of An Invisible Organ (from self-titled/self-released)

1. Getting Bent In Gent-Part 2 (from INCtape)
2. Side 2 (segment) (from Head Cleaner HC-1)
3. ON THE ROAD (from Known To None)
4. Part 3 (from Still Not Alone)

Skeleton Warrior
1. Quivering Anus (from Barely Legal on Black Lakes)
2. Fiberoptic Fur (from Porno Hologram on Obsolete Units)
3. It's Been 13 Years (from Dolly on Good God)

1. Peanut Gallery (from Under Construction Until Destroyed)

Bone Rattle
1. In The Rain (from Which Toy LP)
2. Beyond (from Which Toy LP)

Pro Bro Gold
1. Club Mix 1 (segment) (from Liquid Gold Tour CDR)

Parts And Pieces Of Past Ticiples
1. Until (from s/t CDR on Stay Away From Ghosts)
2. Do I Or Am I? (from Useless Eaters)

1. Matt Dameon Nutt (from Releasing Venom)

1. Lunk Nub (from Old Gold)

Odem Press
1. Turn The Dark On (from Metamorphism In Reverse tape)

1. one two three four (from s/t miniCDR)

Safeway T.V.
1. Dapping Block (live 2003)

Limp Lungs
1. It Happend Never Ago (from Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite)

1. ??? (from upcoming discography CD)
2. Forgiveness Is Easier To Ask For Than Permission (live)

Turmoiled Functions
1. Shaving And Sharing (from split tape with Russian Tsarcasm on Kinky Noise)
2. Skateboarding Is A Crime (from Left Handed Genius, Right Handed Fool on Kinky Noise)

16 Bitch Pileup
1. The Promised Landscape (from Creditor Predators on TripleS)

Sword Heaven
1. Buried in Ohio (from s/t miniCDR)

1. Deth Wiggle (from s/t miniCDR)
2. Wizards And Shit (from s/t miniCDR)

1. her (from Ass'ort'mint on Cheapo_Records)
2. emilo's voice (from Ass'ort'mint on Cheapo_Records)

(Great) Red Spot
1. It's Only Natural (from Broken Camera Museum comp.)

Whats Yr Damage?
1. Gaydar (from Punk & Disorderly CDR)
2. Up The Punx (from Kick Food Into Your Mouth)

1. Baked With Bad Blood (from Books Are Boring)
2. Waterspout (from Slight Of Hands)

Russian Tsarcasm
1. Mothpower
2. You Nasty Nasty Thing (from Lay Them Up, Pull Them Down)

1. Redundant Train Hole
2. Recorder & Paper

1. Squareblocks (from Almost Invisble)

1. Always (from One Are Benign Two Is Just Fine)

Rose 4 Bohdan
1. Suki Soul (from Decoration Monster)

Zihuntanejo Exchange
1. Insects (from Orthodontic Bamboo)

the Gulf
1. Drone Along
2. Old Woman Wrasse (from Almost Invisible)

The Spears
1. We know the South Lake (from Split The South)

Insects of Summer
1. Jangle Wangle (from Almost Invisible)

Chickadees (1993)
1. Sprinkles (from Rabies Babys)
2. Stop It (from Happy Is)
3. Impromptu (from Dean's Dream)

1. Exposed Act

the j.f.k.'S
1. Run-in conversations with Jeanette Winterson
2. Motorcycles are like hEROIN (from Documenting the Effects of the Chair Syndrome on Kinky Noise)

Ruth's World
1. Kid Gloves (from Garbage Dust on Kinky Noise)

S.L.D. (from "In With The Old")
1. Part Time ('98)
2. Stuck Here ('97)

VCRs For Hitler - We Don't Talk Anymore on Kinky Noise

(uploaded soon)
5,000 Billion Hairs
50,00 Billion Heirs
500,000 Billion Years
Someone's Neighbour
VIDEO Cat Pants = (commercial by David Schrier / Edited by David Hood)


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